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John Ryan

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Having used both sites for about two weeks, there is still a great deal I am learning to do with both Ulitzer and Ning, but a reader asked if I would do a quick comparison, so I will. The obvious point for me is that the sites have two different objectives for the writers.  For Ning, the writer is trying to be involved in a niche social network from scratch.  For example, I have built my own social network for marketers and salespeople called BuyerSteps.  I created BuyerSteps as a way for other professionals to join in a conversation around the 21st century buyer.  So, Ning represents a way to build a community. In the case of Ulitzer, as a writer I am focused on getting readers from within an existing audience.  There are already thousands of readers coming to the Ulitzer site, so if they are interested in my topics such as marketing, they will find my articles as ... (more)

Research on Blogging Business Results from Hubspot

More proof that blogging is smart business.  Just make sure that whoever is blogging is a good writer and is committed to being consistent. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time.  You can either have your developers include a blog in your web experience or use free tools like Wordpress to link to your website. From Hubspot: If you blog, you know that it's good for your business. But how -- and how much? To answer to those questions, I looked at data from 1,531 HubSpot customers (mostly small- and medium-sized businesses). 795 of the businesses in my sample blogged, 736 didn't. ... (more)

Quantcast is Cool Analytics

I have been using Quantcast for almost a year now to track traffic on my sites. From the very beginning of our use, Quantcast did a terrific job of measuring the traffic and giving me good data on demographics. For instance, it tells you some great information such as we had a high index score for male, very high for management level, very high for Asian sources and high for the educated user. It tells you how many people are regular visitors and how many are just showing up. Quantcast tells you U.S. and Global traffic as well as trending. You can view their methodology to get an... (more)

Marketing Needs To Be Measured To Show Authentic Value

For any executive who have been around for awhile, it's difficult to believe that there is still any question that marketing needs to show metrics for its efforts. In past branding efforts, this could be difficult. However, many CEOs now have a strong quantitative background and their primary language is numbers. Without strong metrics, marketing runs the risk of being misunderstood and undervalued. From an operations standpoint, if you don't know what you did, how do you know what to go do? It's that simple. An excerpt from today's press release at eMarketer: "The need for measure... (more)

The Value is in Ideas and Distributed Contribution

Control vs. Order No individual wants to believe they are under control, but society needs to have a sense of order which means we exchanged control along the way with our institutions. With that control being exchanged, we gave power and influence to a centralized few. I feel there is a collective yearning to splinter control and to no longer allow for the gross centralization of control. A belief that the risk of that power being used against us in some way goes down dramatically if that power is distributed among the many. A sense of order is more guided by the mores associate... (more)